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190013, Saint-Petersburg, Ruzovskaya str., Moscow 21 Nagatinskaya nab., 42 tel.+7 812 600 79 97 tel.+7 495 983 35 62 Fax +7 812 600 79 99 Fax +7 495 983 35 62 The course program is increasing kvalifikatsioonikeskus the use of fiber-optic devices on Telecom networks. The purpose of the program The training course Practical application of fiber-optic devices in communication networks are designed to enhance the level of training The duration of the course The course is 36 academic hours, 5 days and includes lectures, practical work and field trips.

The course program 1 day 1. Lecture Basic concepts of fiber optics. 1.1. The index of refraction.1.

2. Profile indicator преломления1.3. The concept of electromagnetic моде1.4. The concept of optical волокне1.

5. The structure of the optical кабеля1.6. Losses in optical волокне1.7. Bandwidth optical волокна1.

8. The concept of numerical апертуре1.9. The concept of дисперсии1.10. The concept of Modova field1.

11. The optical line связи1.12. Electronic components optical systems связи1.13. Electro-optical transmission modules 1.

13.1. Coherent and incoherent sources of optical radiation 1.13.2. Foster optoelectronic преобразователи1.

14. The optical transmission medium 1.14.1. Types of optical fibers 1.14.

2. Special types of optical fibres 1.15. Active intermediary devices, Optical amplifiers 1.15.1 1.

15.2 Regenerator of optical signals Day 2 2. Retreat session based on a manufacturing enterprise.2.1. Lecture current state of the market for optical cables in Russia2.

2. Practical class the Advantages and disadvantages of the technology of welded joints. Day 3 3.1. Lecture Optical cable inserts for rescue and recovery operations. 3.

2. Lecture reconstruction of the existing cable lines on the basis of VOLS. 3.2.1. Attenuators 3.

2.2. Optical splitters and couplers 3.2.3. Pigtails and cords 3.

2.4. Optical isolators 3.2.5. Optical filters 3.

2.6. Fiber Bragg gratings 3.2.7. 3.

2.8 optical circulators Optical switches. Day 4 The field trip on the basis of the production enterprise. 4. Lecture structural elements of fiber-optic сетей4.1.

The requirements for structural products for the telecommunications оборудования4.2. The standards for constructive изделия4.3. Embodiments of the telecommunications шкафов4.4.

Practice in Okinawan optical fiber. Day 5 5. Lecture Methods and means of measurements of parameters of optical волокна5.4. Modern methods of measurement.

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