2Д450 machine coordinate of rastochnykh, description, specifications, characteristics

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Rubikon, OOO Illustrated catalogs reference base dannijo machine tools and forging equipment 3412 66-45-05 stankiudm.ru Manufacturer of jig boring machines 2Д450 Moscow plant coordinate boring machines SCRS. Moscow plant coordinate boring machines one of the oldest companies in the machine tool industry was founded in 1942 as the first in the domestic industry plant for the manufacture of precision internal grinding jig boring and special machine. The most well-known embossing machines produced by the plant Part of the design documentation was transferred to the Kuibyshev plant jig boring machines where the machines were made by other names such as 2А450 machine jig boring beginning of production-1973. Synonyms for jig boring machine jig boring machine jig boring machine. Jig boring machines are used for holes in jigs fixtures and parts which require high precision relative position of the holes within 0005 0001 mm without the use of fixtures for guiding the tool.

On these machines you can produce boring drilling reaming and reaming the holes finish milling the ends of the measuring and control components as well as marking work. Machines can be used for holes in jigs fixtures and parts which require high precision relative position of the holes. Along with the boring machines can be performed layout and verification of linear dimensions, in particular the center distance. Applying provided with the machine tool rotary tables and other items are available in addition to machine holes are specified in polar coordinates inclined and mutually perpendicular coils holes and eat through the face surface. Jig boring machines are designed for processing of holes with the exact location of their axes without the use of markup. The accuracy of the location of the holes is achieved on these machines within 00050001 mm.

On these machines you can make drilling the deployment of core drilling boring holes, and milling surfaces of the milling is rarely performed. Jig boring machines are also used for the measurement and control parts for precise marking of the work. Jig boring machines often are used in tool and experimental departments. Jig boring machines are one - and two-column. Single column machines have a cross table is designed for moving the workpiece in two mutually perpendicular directions. Double column machines have the table located.

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