A classification of types of computer mouse

08 january 2017, 22:22

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A manipulator is called a Mouse already so tightly into our life that we don't even notice how often you use this device. The mouse allows you to control the computer with maximum comfort. Remove it, and the speed of the PC will fall in a few times. But the main thing correctly to choose a mouse based on the types of tasks that need to be addressed. For some situations will require special types of mice. By design features distinguish several types of computer mice mechanical optical laser trackball and gyroscopic induction touch.

Each type has its own unique characteristics which allow to use the mouse in a given situation. So what are the mice for computer better, let's Try to understand this issue in detail having considered each type separately. This is the type with which began the history of the computer mouse. The design of this mouse suggests the presence of a rubber ball floating on the surface. He, in turn, makes moving special rollers which convey the result of the movement of the ball on special sensors. The sensors send processed signal to the computer whereby the cursor moves on the screen.

This is the working principle of mechanical mouse. This obsolete device had two or three buttons, and was distinguished by some peculiarities. The connection to the computer was carried out using the COM port in earlier versions and PS2 in later models. The weakest point mechanical mouse was exactly the same ball that crawled along the surface. He's very quickly become dirty as a result, the accuracy of the motion fell. Often had to wipe it with alcohol.

In addition to the mechanical ball mouse absolutely refused normally slide on the bare table. They always need a special Mat. Currently, these mice are obsolete and not used anywhere. The most popular manufacturers of mechanical mice at the time was Genius and Microsoft. The next evolution of computer mice was the appearance of optical patterns. The principle of operation is fundamentally different from mice equipped with balls.

The basis of the optical mouse is the sensor which detects the mouse movement by photographing with a high speed of about 1000 images per second. Then the sensor sends information to the sensors and after appropriate processing of the information goes into the computer causing the cursor to move. The optical mouse can contain any number of buttons. Two common office models to 14 in the serious gaming solutions. Thanks to its technology the optical mouse is able to provide high precision movement of the cursor. In addition, they can glide over any smooth.

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