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More recently, the manufacturers of photographic equipment in the commercials was measured by number of megapixels, then the size of the display and the size of the cameras. Recently, the image stabilizer for the camera has become a mandatory addition. Few people understand the principle of operation and application of a system of optical or electronic stabilization but cameras with image stabilizer become more and more occupy the minds of photographers. If not naprastno If you need the image stabilizer camera stabilization. How to remove Shevelenko. As we said earlier, the movement of the camera during shooting could affect the image especially if the shutter speed is set relatively long, say 130C and during that time the camera in hands has time to change his position.

Camera shake will affect the picture in a blur. You can set a higher shutter speed and remove Shevelenko in shutter priority mode. In an extreme case, increase the ISO sensitivity for the correct exposure.. But if you have the image stabilizer in the camera you can use it.

The camera's stabilization system. What better image stabilizer electronic digital or optical. With digital stabilization, the camera uses the increased matrix size in the case of moving the light from the object electronics reads the image from another area of the matrix and artificially builds an image in accordance with the boundaries of the original image. Roughly speaking the picture is completed by the built-in camera..

The mechanism of optical image stabilization based on the compensation of the movements of the camera by modifying the location of the lenses in the lens and move the light from the object onto the matrix. Optical stabilization is more effective but also more expensive to implement. Optic stabilization system is built into the lens and thus increases the cost of the lens and it does not affect the cost of the camera. By the way Canon lenses with image stabilization are designated with the letters IS in the marking of a lens. Lens with stabilizer. The stabilizer in the lens to the buyer more expensive but when buying you should think whether you use a stabilizer for this focal length.

Important to compensate for Shevelenko on telephoto lenses because hand-shake when using such lenses can significantly affect the result of shooting even day. If you are shooting a lens with a focal length less than 100 mm is easier to set the camera on a tripod or stand to avoid shake in the evening after the day is blur does not threaten You. In contrast, in the case of using short extracts day.

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