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In the process of logopedic work it is necessary to consider all the principles which serve as the basis for building a targeted differentiated methods of elimination of violations of reading. The most important ones are the following The principle of comprehensiveness. Dyslexia is not an isolated violation. The mechanisms causing the emergence of contribute to violations of oral speech and writing. In this connection when Troubleshooting dyslexia speech therapy exposure is carried out on the whole complex of speech disorders speaking reading and writing. The principle of consideration of pathogenesis i.

e. the mechanism of disorders pathogenetic principle. In some cases the same external symptoms, disorders of reading are based on different mechanisms. So replacing sounds in visual dyslexia is associated with hypoplasia of the optic analysis and synthesis of spatial concepts and inability to discriminate graphically similar letters. When phonemic dyslexia mechanism causing replacement of sounds when reading is a violation of phonemic perception. And finally replace the sounds when reading can occur because of a violation of mnestic processes.

In each of these cases, the technique of speech therapy will vary as it will be aimed at overcoming the underlying mechanism of the breach. When the optical challenges of dyslexia remedial work will be the development of visual analysis and synthesis of spatial representations at the phonemic dyslexia - the development of differentiation of the sounds of speech function development of phonemic analysis. And finally, when mental dyslexia - consolidation of relations between sound and letter. When defining a system of methods to remediate reading necessary to distinguish the mechanism of violation of a leading disorder of the structure of the defect, the relationship of leading and secondary disorders of the ratio of the mechanism and symptoms. The principle of accounting of symptoms and severity dyslexia. Reading are distinguished not only on mechanisms but also on symptoms and severity.

Particular manifestations of this disorder depend on the stage of mastering reading. For example, phonemic dyslexia on the analytical stage with the mastery of sound-letter designations are manifested in the return of sounds on the analytic-synthetic stage - in letter-by-letter reading and distortions of sound syllabic structure.

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