How to choose a scope?

08 january 2017, 22:23

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SCOPES are devices in the form of a telescope used for accurate aiming at the target during remote shooting, or adverse weather conditions. The mounting arms by means of special brackets provides them a firm hold. Compared to the traditional ways of aiming the rear sight and front sight one of the main advantages of optical devices is the multiplicity that is the ability to visually zoom in on objects. In addition, scopes are able to provide a broad overview and a more precise aiming due to the presence of the reticle. Another advantage is the ability to choose a sight for a specific type of hunting for different distances and with different weapons. Composed scopes of the lens inversion system of the eyepiece reticle and the mechanism of input of amendments.

To improve light transmission and visibility in low light on the front of your lens is applied ar coating. The turning system is located between the lens and the eyepiece converts the inverted image in the direct. Eyepieces of optical sights equipped with Eyecup to protect from flare and ring for adjustment to the eyesight of the shooter. The mechanisms of entry of vertical and horizontal amendments necessary to align the center of the grid with the point of impact and adjustment of shooting in a changing environment. As for the reticle in their many varieties and the most widespread of them are grid Mil-dot. THE BEST SCOPES Optical sight Elcan SpecterDR 1.

5-6x 5.56 CX5455 the representative of the second generation series Dual Role with the same design features but improved performance. Pancratic sight is a dual-purpose long-range weapon to instantly switch from the optical collimator and mode to be used in conjunction with night vision devices. This model made it possible to combine in one instrument the capabilities of the scopes of low and medium expansion. Have optical sights Elcan SpecterDR second generation increased magnification 1.5-6x precision shooting at longer distances and double the field of view with a wide view in the melee, 16°4°.

Variable magnification gives you the ability to quickly adjust the sight to the far or melee with the same exit pupil for both positions 70 mm. In a device set mesh CX5455 chambered for 5.56 NATO for target shooting at a distance of 100-1000 meters. All devices series Elcan SpecterDR are extremely clear image. Illuminated sight features 5 settings you can choose the backlight or the entire grid or red dot in the center. Housing optical sight Elcan SpecterDR 1.

5-6x 5.56 CX5455 is made of anodized.

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