How to lay cable in the sewer?

08 january 2017, 22:22

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If you decide on the cabling for the specific needs of the power or for providing telecommunication needs that your actions in the organization works on laying of cable will depend on where and what cable are you going to lay. In communities from small to big cities, cable lines between buildings and structures are laid mainly in telephone conduit. The scheme of installation of the heating cable to the pipe. The scheme of laying fiber optic cable in the sewers. During the construction can be pipe of the following materials The scheme is self-regulating cables. The scheme of the tension holding the cable.

The scheme is self-regulating cable. Device telephone conduit can be made with open source development soil and without disturbance of the upper layer of earth. Before starting the construction works in accordance with the working drawings carried out a marking of the passage of the sewer and identify on the ground the boundaries of the necessary trenches and pits for structures. On these working drawings designers should be applied to all underground utilities suitable close to the highway scheduled for construction and especially crossing it and must be applied to the approval of the owners of these communications. Excavation work usually performed by mechanized methods and the intersections with underground utilities, or where they come close by hand. Work starts only in the presence of representatives of households whose underground utilities indicated on the construction drawings.

The dimensions of the trenches are derived from the number of channels and depth of backfill. In those places where the soil crumbles the walls of the trenches are fixed wooden boards and struts. The bottom of trenches is done that way to pack the pipe is sloped from the middle of the trench to the wells of 3-4 mm for each m the length of the packet pipes. This is done in order to drain water trapped in the pipe. The scheme of mounting the cable on the pipe. x httpwww.

youtube.comwatchv=jM9wcTfzqjE Diagram of the resistive cable. The scheme is self-regulating cables in the water. Conduit can be any non-armored cables such as electric and communication cables copper and fiber optic. Before laying it is necessary to remember that in one channel does not lay cables in various technical and technological purposes. For example, it is impossible in a single channel conduit lay communication cable and power cable to avoid disturbing and sometimes dangerous influence on one another.

Backbone communication cables are not laid together with control cables. Trunk and long-distance communication cables when routing is given priority. The construction of these cables is made in.

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