Lesson 28Устройства memory

08 january 2017, 22:20

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After studying this topic you will learn - what is computer memory and how does it compare with the memory of a person - what are the characteristics of memory - why the memory of computer is divided into internal and external - what is the structure and features internal memory - what are the most common types of external computer memory exist and what is their purpose. In the process of computer software, initial data and intermediate and final results must be stored somewhere and be able to contact them. For this computer there are various storage devices called memory. Information stored in the storage device is encoded using the digits 0 and 1 are different symbols numbers letters signs for sounds image. The computer memory a set of devices for storing information. In the process of development of computer technology, people consciously or unconsciously tried in the image and likeness of its own memory to design and build various technical devices of information storage.

To better understand the purpose and capabilities of the different storage devices in the computer can draw an analogy with the way the information is stored in the memory of man. Whether the person can store all the information about the world in his memory and whether it is Why for example to remember the names of all towns and villages of your region when necessary, you can use the map of the area and find everything that interests you No need to remember prices and train tickets to different destinations as this is the answering services. And how many there are all kinds of mathematical tables where the calculated values of some complex functions In search of an answer you can always refer to the relevant Handbook. The information that a person constantly keeps in its internal memory shows a much smaller volume compared to concentrated information in books, films on video discs and other physical media. We can say that physical media used to store the information form the external memory. In order to use the information stored in the external memory of the people needs to spend much more time than if it was stored in its own memory.

This lack kompensiruet the fact that the external memory can store information arbitrarily for a long time and use it maybe a lot of people. There is another method of storage person. Just born baby already carries the external features and the character inherited from parents. This so-called genetic memory.

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