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Computer for dummies A computer mouse is a manipulator for computer control. This manipulator has for its resemblance to natural rodent. Today it is an essential attribute of a PC and allows you to more effectively interact with him. Before the advent of operating systems with a graphical interface the mouse was not so widespread. Computer management is carried out by entering commands through the keyboard and the computer was demanding high qualification. In principle, with a graphical interface you can do a keyboard only but it will require learning the necessary combinations of keys to control which is unacceptable to the average user and the mouse is a very simple device and learn how to work with it is easy.

The easy mouse has two buttons and a wheel between them which some action when working with computer. The mouse connects to the system unit of the computer with a wire of a wired mouse or the wireless channel, the so-called wireless mice. The basic principle of a computer mouse is the conversion of motion into a control signal. When the mouse is moved over the surface most often table it generates an electronic signal to the computer indicating the direction of movement distance and speed. And on the screen the user sees a moving special pointer in accordance with movement of the mouse. Long time for used mechanical mouse in which a motion sensor was used rubber-coated metal ball.

But progress does not stand still and today the most common computer mouse is optical and laser which have higher positioning accuracy. In optical mice to convert motion into electrical signal used by the led light source is located on the lower surface of the manipulator and the sensor. Optical mouse scans the surface which moves converts the scan results and transmits them to the computer. In a laser mouse, as the optical source a laser is used which allows to increase the positioning accuracy. In addition, the laser mouse is unpretentious to the quality of the surface on which it moves. There are also more complex and expensive manipulators touch induction gyroscopic mouse which have different principle of conversion of motion into a control signal.

Computer mice come in wired and wireless. A wired mouse connects to a PC using the wire to a special connector PS2 painted green or USB connector. Wireless mice transmit information over radio waves on the special receiver which.

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