Optical communication has bypassed the High End side [translation]

08 january 2017, 22:22

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TOSLINK is a plastic optical cable which connects the output of a source such as CD or DVD player with a decoder device such as the DAC. Of all the circuits connecting digital audio TOSLINK blamed most often he has a bad reputation. Do TOSLINK usually degrades the sound of any scheme of digital connectivity. It cannot reliably transmit anything faster than 9624 and tends to add jitter in digital audio signals. From the looks of this post you probably thought that I will do everything possible to keep you away from TOSLINK. But I'm not sure.

If I started to design digital interconnect with a clean slate, my first thought would be optical communication channel and not the coaxial cable that sounds better as we all think. It is well known that some of the problems associated with digital transmission systems is not limited to one DAC. Of course you can build the perfect device that doesn't pay any attention to the interaction between the CD transport and DAC and still hear the differences in sound between various media such as coaxial and balanced way. Why Because the quality of the source can be degraded by simple connection of two devices together. In fact the splicing together only the land of the two digital audioproduction you can change the sound quality of both devices. But connect two devices, use an optical cable and their land will never be contacted.

One device will not know that it is connected to another. It's wonderful. Except that's not quite true. Plastic fibers used to transmit light in the TOSLINK cable limit the speed with which a change might occur between light and darkness 1 and 0. If you are using quartz fiber glass not plastic, you get really great performance but the speed is still limited. So why I chose optics for the design of my new mythical lines of digital data transmission it is believed that in the world the most high speed data networks using optical fibre cables and have such a wide bandwidth that removes all restrictions on the transfer of audio signals.

In theory, this TOSLINK. But not in practice. TOSLINK is short for Toshiba Link and it was developed and popularized by the company in whose honor and named. But Toshiba is now in the process of abandoning its much criticized by the cable and soon we will not have anything called TOSLINK. So if the data in the world increasingly are traveling by fiber optics and the bandwidth of these cables exceed the requirements of even the highest sampling rates of the audio signals why Toshiba refuses to TOSLINK and.

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