Optical sight PSO-1

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Skip to content You have disabled JavaScript. Some of the features of the system will not work. Please enable JavaScript to gain access to all the functions. WASIIINGTON Sent on 25 January 2016 - 0402 The sniper optical sight PSO-1 and its modifications are still one of the main Russian sights for sniper weapons the armament of the armed forces and internal troops of the interior Ministry. Was developed in 1963 for the SVD adopted by the USSR Supreme Soviet in the same year. Designed for firing at small targets at a distance of 1300 metres and is mounted on a special mount-type dovetail.

It remains fully functional in the temperature range from - 50 to +50°C without fogging of the optics in a drop. Nitrogen-filled sealed lighting grids allows to aim at twilight and the dark. Integrated rangefinder reticle allows you to determine the range to the target. The sniper optical sight PSO-1 Basic information and technical characteristics of the sniper optical sight PSO-1 Type sniper optic Country Soviet Union The year of establishment 1963 изготовления1963 - present Manufacturer Novosibirsk instrument-making plant The options of modification of PSO PSO 1-1-1М2ПСО-1M2-1 PSO-2 PSO-3 An increase of 4 Field of view 6° Exit pupil diameter mm 6 Exit pupil diameter mm 68 Light lens diameter mm 24 Maximum resolution plsek 12 Length mm with the lens hood and Eyecup 375 The battery voltage 15 Weight g 580 Device sight PSO-1 The mechanical part. The mechanical part of the sniper optical sight PSO-1 1. Retractable lens hood.

Protects objective lens from the ingress of rain, snow and direct sunlight when shooting against the sun to avoid telltale reflections of a sniper.2. The upper handwheel. Set the scope in more detail - see below.3. Body.

Connects all mechanical and optical parts of the sight.4. Rubber Eyecup. Protects the eyepiece lens from mechanical damage and contamination and also serves to ease of aiming and the right eye fixing sniper.5. Cap focusing.

The device element of the lighting grid.6. Housing for battery battery. Element of the lighting device reticle.7. Bracket.

Used for fastening of the sight on the weapon.It is the emphasis the grooves of the clamping screw and its handle.8. An electric light bulb. Designed to illuminate the reticle.9.

The toggle switch. The device element of the lighting grid. Switch on off light bulbs.10. Cap lens. Designed to protect lenses from mechanical damages and contamination.

Only after playing sniper.

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