Optical sight PSO-1 is one of the basic domestic sight sniper weapons.

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Optical sight PSO-1 is one of the basic domestic sight sniper weapons. Sealed filled with nitrogen protects optics from sweating at temperature drops. Working in the temperature range of ± 50°C. 1 - body 2 - end nut 3 - retaining bolt 4 - connecting screw 5 - subscale 6 - index 7 - index Aiming at the infrared spotlight is on the fluorescent screen with an eye 4 on all ranges up to 400m. The purpose of the rifle sniper optical Sight PSO-1 is designed for firing at small-sized and well disguised targets. Installs on standard Warsaw Pact mounting dovetail.

Illumination of a reticle allows to aim in the twilight. Equipped with distance measuring grids allowing tentative estimation of the distance to the object. Able to enter the angles of sight depending on the distance to the target and lateral corrections for a wind target movement. A sealed casing products filled with dry nitrogen to prevent fogging of optical surfaces with a sharp change of temperature. The sight can be installed on the following models of weapons SVD sniper rifle SVU special VSS rifle VSK-94 rifles saiga Tiger Sable Kalashnikovs in the presence of side-mount, etc. The distinction reticle in PSO-1 and PSO-1S-1based on date, the following modifications of PSO PSO-1 with a fluorescent screen, respectively, the switch is designed to detect targets with IR led.

The illuminated reticle from Microline power supply 2РЦ63 PSO-1S without the fluorescent screen with led the first generations respectively and 3V voltage Converter PSO-1S-1, PSO-1M2 for aimed fire from Dragunov sniper rifle SVD caliber 762. The sighting scale is designed for firing from 100 m to 1300 m. Without the fluorescent screen with a 1.5 V led and 1.5 V source PSO-1M2-1 for aimed fire from a special sniper rifle VSS rifle of caliber of 9 mm special sniper ass gun of caliber of 9 mm. the Sighting scale is designed for firing from 100 m to 400 m.

For shooting at dusk in the sights provides illumination grid. As a power source now instead of the battery 2РЦ63 used a standard AA battery.4 Similar scopes Romania - a scope LPS 4x6° ТІР2 proizvodstva I. O. R. China - an optical sight Type JJJ Belarus - optical sight POSP Serbia - optical sight ZRAK M-76 4x 5°10 ZRAK ON-M76 East Germany - optical sight PSO-1 North Korea - an optical sight Type 78.

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