History of photography and cameras The device of a film camera Device digital camera

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Happy New Year Dear buyers work Schedule during the holidays Schedule 1 - January 4 - closed Shipping 5 6 Jan - 11 to 16Пункты delivery from 9 Jan Receiving a confirmation of the order 5 6 Jan - 11 to 16 receiving orders via the website round the clock Published sun 08232009 - 0000 user photoclip Man has always been drawn to beautiful seen the beauty of a man trying to shape. In poetry it was a form of the word in music the beauty had a harmonic sound Foundation in painting forms of beauty passed down colors and color. The only thing that could people to capture the moment. For example, to catch a drop of water crashing or flying through a stormy sky lightning. With the advent in the history of the camera and the development of photography it became possible. History of photography knows multiple attempts at the invention of the photographic process to create the first photo and originates in the distant past when mathematics studying the optics of light refraction was discovered that the image flips if you miss it in the dark room through a small hole.

In 1604, German astronomer Johannes Kepler established the mathematical laws of reflection of light in mirrors which lay in the basis of the theory of lenses which another Italian physicist Galileo Galilei created the first telescope to observe celestial bodies. The principle of refraction was set just had to learn some way to save the images on the prints are not yet disclosed by chemical means. In the 1820s. Joseph Nicephore Niepce found a way to save the resulting image by processing the light entering the asphalt varnish, the analogue of the bitumen on the surface of the glass in the so-called camera obscura. With asphalt varnish the image took shape and became visible.

The first in the history of mankind painted by the artist and not the incident rays of light in refraction. In 1835, the English physicist William Talbot exploring the camera obscura of Niepce was able to achieve better quality images with invented them printout of the photo - negative. This new feature enables images now can be copied. At its first photos of Talbot captured their own window which is clearly visible the window guard. In the future, he wrote a report which called the art photo world is beautiful so laying in the history of photography future the principle of printing photos. In 1861, a photographer from England So Seton invented the first camera with a single mirror lens.

Scheme first camera was following up on a tripod was fixed a large box with a lid on it through which does not pass light but through which it was possible to monitor. Lens caught.

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