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The material presented is the performance-a study on Dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a partial violation of the writing process manifested in persistent repetitive errors due to the incompleteness of higher mental functions involved in the process of writing. In this study, we present in detail the material on the correction of dysgraphia in schoolchildren. The content of the presentation a Study on Dysgraphia Analysis of surveys of oral and written speech showed dyslexia and dysgraphia suffer 6 to 8% of younger students. Boys have such defects occur in 3 to 4 times more often than girls. Agatha Christie 1890-1976 makes up stories of detectives.

The famous English writer Agatha Christie, the Queen of the detective during his life wrote more than 80 books. Not everyone knows that the little Agatha could not learn to write. She made so many mistakes and wrote so slowly that her parents took her from school and she had to continue the learning at home. Until the end of his life, Agatha Christie never learned to write correctly and made many spelling errors. Peter I absolutely illiterate wrote and fought his mentors there was nothing they could do about it. Peter could not ignore the lack of some letters in the written word and that's not counting simple spelling errors.

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote and drew with his left hand and left 7 million pages of diaries written on the mirror. Normally you can read them if you substitute a mirror or flip the paper up to the light. Hans Christian Andersen. At first, the editors returned to him the manuscript even without having read them to the end and around Copenhagen long been rumors about stunningly ignorant author. One newspaper wrote of a Man who mocks his language may not be a writer. And it's almost true dyslexics usually choose a profession not connected with reading and writing.

THE PROCESS OF WRITING - Recidivating analyzer. - Recessional analyzer. - Reciprocally analyzer. - Motor analyzer. SPECIFIC OPERATIONS INCLUDED IN THE PROCESS OF WRITING 1. The analysis of the sound structure of words to be write.

- Determining the sequence and quantity of sounds - Clarification of sounds. 2. Translation of phonemes to graphemes. 3. Perestroika visual diagrams of letters to the kinetic system of sequential movements. The causes of the violations letters Mechanisms disgrafii 1.

Incorrect pronunciation of sounds. 2. Failure of the auditory differentsirovki. 3. Violation of the language analysis and synthesis. 4.

Underdevelopment of the grammatical structure of the speech. 5. Aborted visual - spatial functions. Symptoms disgrafii Speech symptoms Level error letter. Errors on word level. Errors on the sentence level.


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