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A quick transition back to list of articles 09 Mar 2007 The choice of binoculars is a difficult business for those who infrequently have to deal with optics. To fully assess the advantages and disadvantages of the vending device you need to know special terminology used in the technical descriptions of binoculars. The more often that such descriptions are given in English without translation into the Russian language. Below we provide a small dictionary of optical terms with their concise definitions. Hope it helps you in wandering through the shelves of the shop Protopic. Nitrogen filling Nitrogen Fill filling the internal volume of the binoculars with nitrogen gas.

This filling prevents fogging of inner optical parts of the system even at sharp jumps of temperature from 40 ° C to + 80 ° C. Aperture Аperture synonymous with the Entrance pupil of the entrance aperture of the optical device by which to limit the bundles of light rays emanating from individual points of the observed object. By analogy with the human eye pupil also limiting incoming in the eye bundles the light rays of the input hole is called the entrance pupil of the optical device. The binoculars as aperture supports the rim of the front lens. Aspherical lenses Aspherical eyepiece lenz while the surface of conventional lenses is limited by the two correct segments of a spherical surface, the curvature of aspheric lenses is maximal in the center and becomes smoother at the edges. This form allows the lens to minimize the spherical aberrations reduce the image field curvature and to make the image more vivid and contrasting.

Binoculars with aspherical lenses manufactured by Minox. Binoculars Binoculars Field glass binoculars Opera glass theater binocular optical system consisting of two parallel optical systems Monocular spotting scope each of which contains a Lens, Inverting system and Eyepiece with Eyecup. The binoculars is used for observation of distant objects using both eyes. The most common types of binoculars are currently prism binoculars in which the image is made by flipping the aid of the prismatic system. Two main prismatic system of Poro-PORRO prism and ROOF-prism. The main characteristics of binoculars Increase the Diameter of the entrance pupil, the exit pupil Diameter exit pupil distance resolution Limit Angle field of view and light transmittance.

The middle focus, see Minimum focus distance. The apparent angular field of view Apparent field of view expressed in degrees, the value visible through the observation device on the segment space is equal to the product of the true field angle and frequency of the device.

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