Test methods of optical cable

08 january 2017, 22:21

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A section of the Network and telecommunications Elena Andreeva, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Manager, ZAO Promising технологииandreevapeterlink.ru Alexey Sergeev, engineer of the Department of active equipment, ZAO Promising технологииpfibernm.ru Optical cables are becoming more widely used from main lines and corporate data transmission systems to local area networks. The advantage of fiber optics is undoubtedly realized in the optical channels of the transmission speed of information is still unavailable for copper cables. An important advantage of what to test optical cable easier. Measurement shall be less the number of parameters in most cases, only the losses in the cable as the crosstalk in optics no.

In addition, the test instruments optical channels is cheaper than copper. Despite the increasing variety of measuring instruments the main assistant of a specialist in the installation and operation of fiber optic systems is the optical tester - without exaggeration the most common working tool of measurement. The tester is used in input control parameters of optical cable installation acceptance tests cable system control output parameters of active equipment and maintenance of the existing line. The benefits of this modest instrument - ease of use, small dimensions and weight self-powered and relatively low cost. The tester provides a sufficiently high accuracy of measurements the stability of the parameters over the whole measuring time easy to use compact and economical. For reliable testing of optical fiber tester should be selected in accordance with the active equipment of computer network.

So for example, if used for data transmission single-mode active equipment and singlemode fiber, respectively, the measuring generator must also be single-mode. In addition testing should be conducted at the wavelength of transmission. In order to understand what is behind the dry figures and the recommendations of the standards let us consider the filling of the devices. Modern it development entails the growth and convergence of data networks for various purposes. Local computer network included in corporate and departmental networks connect individuals over a large area. This imposes certification requirements on the components of the cable system as the physical transmission medium and hence in the control and measuring equipment used in testing the network.

Requirements for the measuring instruments contained in the following laws and regulations The tester is used for measuring power of optical radiation and determining the loss in.

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