The choice and characteristics of the drives

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News gt Hardware gt computer Collect The drive device carrying out communication between the computer and external media. Actuators can be divided into external and internal. External are more attractive but are more expensive and often inferior in performance inner. They are used mainly for two reasons if several computer one drive or if it is not possible to supply the device internal drive. All drives have similar key features supported media speed reading support and writing speed interface. Optical drive interface device between the computer and optical storage drives.

In other words, this drive reads data from the disk or writes them into it. To buy an optical drive is possible in two variants: OEM means that you get the drive in the bag. Retail - boxed version where the supplied drive train cogs poker for the operational opening of tray cable audio cable CD with drivers The most important characteristic when selecting optical drive is to support the different disc formats. To date, the most common formats of optical media discs are CD DVD HD DVD BD. Format DVD and HD DVD, in turn, is divided into single layer and dual layer disks differ in capacity. CD disc has a capacity of 700 MB.

It is the most ancient format of an optical disk used now. DVDs have a capacity of 4.5 GB single-layer to 9 GB dual-layer. HD DVD advanced DVD format has a capacity of 15 GB single-layer discs and 30 GB dual-layer discs. BD Blu-Ray Disc the latest disc format. Its volume is 45 GB.

In addition to the high volume of this format is characterized by high accuracy and fewer errors when operating than their predecessors. The only downside of the BD format at the moment is the high price as the drive and the discs themselves in 7 10 more compared to the DVD. The drive capability of the write data to the disk can be identified by its name if the name is present-ROMCD-ROM if present -RW - means that the possibility of entry is, for example, a DVD-RW. There is another option for example DVDCD-RW. In this case, the drive can read DVDs and CDs but only write CD. The speed of read / write optical drive is specified by the coefficients of 1x 2x 4x 6x 8x.

Values determine the superiority of the actuator comparing the speed one-speed standard for CD is 150 Kbsec. Therefore, the read speed 8x write CD drive means it can read write data at a speed of 1 Mbps. It should also be noted that drives new formats to support reading of old media formats that.

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