The device of microscope and its function

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The study of morphological features of microbes - their form, structure and size of the cells ability to move, etc. - is performed using the optical device of the microscope from the Greek mikros - small scope - looking. Produced from the biological microscopes are the best of MBI-1 MBI-2 MBI-3 MBR-1 and some others. The basic parts of a microscope optical system ocular lens of the lighting optical system and the condenser mirror and the mechanical part. The optical system creates a magnified image of an object. The mechanical part moves the optical system and the observed object of the subject.

The main parts of the mechanical system of the microscope Fig. 60 are subject tripod table tubematerial with a gun and the screws to move the tube - micrometrically and micrometer. Micrometrically screw or rack-and-pinion gear is used for rough aiming of the microscope. The micrometer screw is a mechanism for fine-pitch and is used for final fine focusing of the microscope to the drug. Microvita full rotation moves the tube of the microscope 01 mm Micrometer screw is one of the most fragile parts of a microscope and needs to be treated with extreme caution. The most crisp and clear image produced by movement of the tube with the help of macro - and micrometric screws with appropriate lighting.

The Tubus is mounted in the upper part of the tripod in tubulidentata. The stage is also fastened to the upper part of the tripod. In modern microscopes, the stage is almost always done agile. It is driven by two screws located on both sides of the table. By means of these screws the drug along with the table moves in different directions which greatly facilitates the consideration of the drug at various points. The consolidation of the drug on the table is made in two terminal clamps.

In addition to movable tables, some microscopes are equipped with slotted tables. Drugs in this case is moved in two mutually perpendicular directions. Two scales on the table allow you to mark the researcher is interested in the sites of the drug in order to make them easy to find during repeated microscopy. At the bottom of tubulidentata is a revolver with a hole provided with a thread. In these openings are threaded lenses. Lenses are the most important and expensive part of the microscope.

It is a complex system biconvex lenses are prisoners in a metal frame. Lenses increase consider the subject of giving a valid enhanced reverse image. All lenses are divided into achromatic and apochromatic. Achromate more common due to its.

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