The external storage device. The external memory of the computer. The optical drives. Flash memory. Flash drives.

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On this page we will discuss such topics as External memory devices External memory of the computer, optical drives Flash memory Flash drives. The external memory of the computer or OVC is an important part of electronic computing machines for long-term storage of programs and data on a variety of media. External storage devices OVC - can be classified according to a number of signs referring to media by type of construction according to the principle of recording and reading information according to the method of access etc. In media is understood as a material object capable of storing information. The properties of the external memory The external memory included Drives is a storage device intended for long-that is, independent of the power supply store large amounts of information. Besides its main characteristics information capacity of disk drives are characterized by the two other indicators of access and speed of reading consecutive bytes.

Flash memory eng. Flash Memory a kind of solid state semiconductor nonvolatile writable memory. Flash memory can be read many times but write in such a memory can only be a limited number of times, usually around 10 thousand times. Despite the fact that such a restriction is 10 thousand cycles of rewriting is much more than able to withstand a floppy disk or a CD-RW. Flash memory is the most known application in USB Flash Drive. USB Flash Drive for computer slang stick or pencil storage media use Flash memory for storing data and connected to the computer or other reader device via a standard USB connector.

USB Flash Drive also called USB Flash card. Flash-cards were very popular in 2000 years because of the compactness, the ease of overwriting files and a large amount of memory from 32 MB to 64 GB. The main purpose of storing transferring and sharing data backup, load operating systems, LiveUSB, etc. Flash memory is widely used in portable devices running on batteries and accumulators for digital cameras and camcorders digital voice recorders MP3 players PDAs mobile phones as well as smartphones and communicators. In addition, it is used to store the embedded software in various devices - controllers. One of the first flash drive JetFlash in 2002 began to produce Taiwanese concern Transcend.

. Have flash drives there are no moving parts in the form most often they are rectangular cartridges. To store the information they use specialized memory chips with the metallization of the metal-nitride made according to.

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