the input optical cable to the building

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Join the community Mastersiti Good afternoon Prompt please there are OST 600-93 in which 2.133. Passes cables through walls and ceilings must be performed in non-metallic or steel pipes laid at a slight angle providing permissible bending radius of cables and conduits, and openings. The contractor has completed the laying of cable through walls and ceilings in metal sleeve without inserted metal pipes in the project clearly indicated that the introduction of the cable into the building should be in the pipe and the metal hose. The contractor refers to the fact that there is a design defect and the hose performs the function of a mortgage of a metal pipe. If his statement is accurate And if you can clarify the box and the opening is not that other as construction of brick masonry well is not the electrical box.

I know for sure that low voltage systems, namely fire alarm by far the mortgage is used the pipe is mostly metal and even subsequently is sealed with non-combustible materials. Thank you. 12.7 Glands of communication cables in buildings telecommunications 12.7.1 putting the cables into the building of ATS with a capacity of 10,000 rooms or more should be possible from two opposite directions.

12.7.2 Glands linear cables in the building of ATS performed through a specially equipped premises the cabling is usually placed in the basement of the basement. In stations of small capacity up to 1,000 numbers for input line cables are allowed within the pit with a lead-in wardrobe or hardware input with the use of curved tubes from the station well before the cross. 12.7.

3 input cables should be subject to the minimum of their lengths inside of buildings permissible bending radii maximum use of existing structures as well as easy operation. 12.7.4 input cables into the opening in the Foundation or walls of the building, the PBX should include an introductory block of asbestos concrete pipes with an inner diameter of 100 mm. channels the capacity of the unit is determined by the project depending on the number of input cables considering spare channels in the development of at least 100% of the channels occupied by the linear cables on the project. The use of polyethylene pipes for cable entry is not allowed.

12.7.5 the input cables should be sealed. Requirements for sealing are given in the Manual sealing of the input cables of telecommunications companies Moscow SSCTB 1986 12.7.6 an Introductory unit on the input cables in the room should be recessed into the Foundation of the building and carefully concreted.

Concrete is supposed to fill all the free space between the pipes and between pipes and building foundations. 12.7.7 Introductory unit usually ends of the station cable well placed.

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