Total price: 0 ₽ Sight — a device used for aiming at the target.

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Total price 0 ₽ Sight a device used for aiming at the target. There are many kinds of sights. But we consider in detail 2 main 1. Installation and adjustment of the optical sight A scope is a spotting scope with a telescopic optical system. The appearance of the optical sight Mount rings sight How to install the rings. Note do not tighten strongly the screws it can damage the housing of the sight.

2. Installation and adjustment of the collimator sight Reflex sight represents the optoelectronic device which allows to conduct aimed fire in the natural light. While have scopes reticle engraved on the glass of the electronic scopes due to their special emitter image of the aiming mark is projected directly on the front lens of the sight. On the lens is formed, the green and red pupil. Form of the aiming mark may be in the form of a point of the polygon T-shaped crosshair. Appearance collimator sight Installation The sight comes with a mounting base suitable for mounting on a standard weaver base.

For installation it is necessary to loosen the two nuts on the one side of the sight install the sight on the gun and tighten the nuts. Adjustment of the collimator sight Adjusting the sight for elevation and horizon separately. Adjustment screws are located respectively the adjusting screw height Fig figure 3.2 is located on the upper surface of the sight and on the side is the adjustment screw on the horizon figure 3.3 After adjusting don't forget to wind the cover to lock the adjustment mechanism. Battery replacement The sight comes with an installed battery.

To replace the battery Unscrew the cap-screw figure 3.1 remove the dead battery install a new battery, strictly observing polarity. When properly installed the batteries with the + sign will look on YOU. Adjustment of optical and collimator sights Place a headband one of the sets but in the best case to use LSD a target at a distance of about 70 meters for rifle scopes and red dot for 50 meters. Set the scope to maximum magnification aim at the head bandage of the target and carry out a test shot. If the point of penetration of the IR beam in the center of the head bandage of the target that is the sight set up .

If not you need to adjust the crosshairs for an optical sight or a dot to red-dot sight using the method of adjustment of the sight vertically or horizontally. Making the adjustment vertically or horizontally perform the following test shot.

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