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Directories Leapers Collimator sights 2 Equipment 10 Tactical flashlights 1 Scopes 36 Air guns 12 In this section you will find all the accessories for upgrading and tuning of semi-automatic rifles and smooth-bore weapons manufactured on the basis of domestic automatic military. AK-47 AK-74 RPK SVD, etc. Such as Tiger saiga Vepr etc Buttstock for AK and Vepr Straps for the optics bed, the butt of the handle is collapsible or retractable stock and more. 762-mm machine Kalashnikova called AK-47 machine developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947 and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1949. Served as the basis for a whole family of military and civilian small arms of various calibres, including AKM and AK74 and modify machine gun RPK rifles and smoothbore shotguns saiga and others. AK and its modifications are the most common small arms in the world.

Estimates of this type, including licensed and unlicensed copies and third-party development on the basis of AK belongs to 15 of all existing in the world of small firearms.For 60 years, was released more than 70 million Kalashnikovs various modifications. They are in service with 50 foreign armies. According to many experts, the AK is the standard for reliability and ease of maintenance. The most famous weapons of the civil appointments on the basis of AK are hunting carbines saiga produced by the developers of the original AK Izhevsk machine-building plant. Factory engineers created many different designs the smooth-bore hunting weapons of the 12th 20-and .

410-th calibers and rifles chambered in 556×45 mm 762×39 mm 762×51 mm were also produced in small exclusive party and a rare Soviet cartridges 56×39 mm and 9×53R mm. And the first in the series was the saiga-56 under the cartridge 56×39 released in 1974. The first carbine family of saiga appeared in the 70-ies. The impetus for its creation was an appeal by the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Kazakhstan personally to Brezhnev asking for the creation of weapons with which one could produce the ejection of the saiga. The fact that migratory saiga ate and trampled the major crops and groups of hunters armed with smooth-bore hunting rifles were not able to deal with animals. Then the Izhmash designers began creating hunting carbines saiga.

Four years, the designers and testers Izhmash together with representatives of the ìglavohotaî and local hunters have experienced rifles and brought them to perfection mainly in Kazakhstan. After the development of new weapons was produced about three hundred carbines models saiga chambered 56×39 mm. And although in the 1970s.

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