Why do you need an optical drive in the computer?

08 january 2017, 22:22

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The contents The optical drive allows you to read data and write to a flat disk of several layers with a diameter of 8 or 12 mm. The device is controlled by the electronic circuit information is read optically. The first device had an opportunity to read the data recording time was a complicated process. Optical drives were originally manufactured by three companies so there was three directions. Known to this day, Pioneer released DVD-R-RW format and continues to do. The Alliance RW Alliance which includes a number of popular brands for the manufacture of instruments made DVD+R+RW format.

And the third was founded by Japanese companies such as Matsushita. Today, the greatest demand has the products of the company Pioneer. The speed of optical drives. Familiar settings - 1x 16x 48x of Course have seen them all but not all know what that means, here this is x. Consider a basic speed specific examples for clarity. For example, for one x in the ordinary CDs is taken 150кбс if we take the DVD format is already there options differ significantly x is 1385 Mbits.

To better understand the mechanism denote that the speed is different 3 times ahead of course DVD. So a 16x DVD is a 48x CD. To understand popular types of devices establish their characteristics. Consider now the form factors. There are device internal and external performance. Device for laptops.

For portable computers are also sold such components. Their internal form factor but the design is slightly different more refined look Slim. In General it is clear that the size of laptops do not have space for large items. Slim-optics are also divided according to the type of loading tray and slit types. The principles of operation are identical the only difference is that the tray leaves not completely as in devices for portable computers but only on a part then have to nominate it yourself. There are two kinds of supply devices OEM or Retail.

It often happens that the Russian market offers products in the first variant of this is to say basic. Except the drive you get nothing. Although as an exception some manufacturers may give to boot a utility CD Nero. The second option Retail can meet much less frequently. However, such models can be found in companies for example ASUS or Plextor. There is already a more solid packing mounting accessories CD with Nero or other software and in the set there are a few discs of different formats.

Now consider the types of drives which read and write the above.

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